Make nappy changes easy with these biodegradable nappy liners. Easy to use and soft on your baby's skin. Made from bamboo without chemicals that cause skin irritations and allergies. Simply flush down the toilet, knowing that you won't harm the waterways. Here are wipes that are safe for your baby and the earth.

Give them a try and see the difference.

earthly passion Nappy Liner Biodegradable 80 pk

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    Why you should choose the earthly passion nappy liners •100% Bamboo •Biodegradable. •Antibacterial. •Flushable. •Compostable. •Fragrance free. •Size 180mm x 300mm. •100 wipes per pack. How to use the nappy liners 1. Place your liner on the inside of the nappy, so that it is against your baby's skin. 2. The solids are collected by the liner, while the moisture passes through. 3. When it is time to change the nappy, remove the liner and flush it away. No harsh chemicals.