Universal Suction lid - Seals airtight for cooking and storing.

We are all about reusing and preventing waste. This is why we think you will love the Chef'n Cloudcover lids. They are great for covering food while storing and for maintaining it's freshness, by creating an airtight seal.

Avoid using cling wrap or aluminium foil by covering your culinary creations with the Chef'n Cloudcover. Need to reheat last night's dinner? Then use the Cloudcover Lid to cover your bowl while microwaving. Made from BPA-free silicone, it is safe for your food with no toxic leaching or contamination. This heat-resistant lid is designed to sit on top of your bowls, pans and pots, to create an airtight seal and prevent splatters when reheating food. Also it can prevent freezer burns as well.

Chef'n Cloudcover Universal Suction lid 23cm, 9"

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    Why you will love Cloudcover Universal Lid: Replaces the use of cling film and aluminium foil. Can be reused. Made from BPA-free silicone. Creates an airtight seal on bowls, pots and pans. Heat-resistant. Maintains the freshness and the moisture of your food. Can be recycled. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Product Code: CFN-85077 Material: BPA-free High Heat Silicone Reheat and store your food airtight with this reusuable pot/bowl cover.