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21 Days to a Greener You - Day 4

Apologies everyone for the delay in posting this. It was one of those weekends where things weren't going to plan and something had to give. But we're back with more suggestions on how to lead a green life.

Pack a Nude lunch

For many of you, I am guessing you bring lunch to work or you need to pack lunches for your kids. One thing you can do to be more green is to eliminate as much packaging from your lunch. It means out are plastic bags, throw away cartons and boxes, like crisps, packaged snack bars and pre-made lunches. Instead in are reusable lunch boxes and drink bottles.

One benefit of having nude lunches is not only is it good for the environment, but often a lot of the processed food is eliminated by bringing nude food, as you tend to prepare healthier lunches such as pieces of fruit, sandwiches and rolls, as well as a good helping of water.


If you are game for more:

Look at the food you are bringing. Buying local cuts down on the fuels used to transport the food. If possible, buy as natural as possible and organic. This goes hand in hand with making a meal plan and shopping weekly.


How did you go with yesterday's task?

So how did you go with yesterday’s task? Could you find any products around the house you can get refillables for? If not, look into getting a larger or bulk size of the product.

Keep it up in following these tasks. You will surprise yourself how mindful you will become and you will be more earthly passionate.

Attracta & the earthly passion team

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