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21 Days to a Greener You - Day 18

Start composting

Yes, start composting. This can be as simple as getting a small composter for the kitchen or setting up a compost pile in your backyard. Even if you don’t have any of these, you can collect your veg and fruit scraps and dig them into the garden. Make sure the scraps are covered with soil, to ensure they do not attract pests like rats and mice.

Composting is a great way of recycling and it will reduce the amount of waste heading into your rubbish bin. When vegetables and fruit have wilted and can’t be used anymore, place them in a compost bin. If you don’t have a compost bin, use a bucket and place something on top, like a dinner plate to act as a cover, to keep smells at bay. When it gets full, dig into the garden or place in your outdoor compost bin to decompose.

Here is a list of the items you can compost:

  • rotting fruit and vegetables

  • tea bags

  • egg shells

  • coffee grounds

  • newspapers and paper

  • grass clippings

  • Leaves and small twigs

  • Vacuum dust

  • and much more.

What not to place in your compost bin:

  • Meat, chicken or fish (fresh or cooked)

  • Egg white and yolk

  • Oils

  • Metals

  • Plastics

  • Paint


If you are game for more:

Pick up leaves, twigs, sticks and bark. Use them as mulch, if possible. The leaves can go into the compost bin, but they are also great as mulch, reducing the growth of weeds, keeping moisture in the ground and adding nutrients as the decompose and compost into the ground.

Have fun composting,

Attracta & the earthly passionate team

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