In photo: Cheesy Potato Boats At the weekend I want something quick and simple to feed the hungry mob, but it needs to be tasty and slightly different from the weekday fare. Well, I have a few different versions of the good old baked potato that go down a treat with anyone in my household and I am sure they will for you too. What I love about these recipes, is that they are simple and you can have them prepared earlier, leaving you with more time to enjoy your day. Jacket potato Ingredients: Get 1-2 large potatoes per person Instructions Remove all dirt from the potatoes by scrubbing and washing. Dry with a paper towel or tea-towel. Using a fork, prick the skin 5 to 6 times. Place directly o


I know you have probably heard a lot of these tips before, but have you put them into practice. Why not? After reading my list below you might want to take up one or two of these habits. They are really not that hard. Buy only what you need. You should always plan your meals (weekly is ideal) and buy only enough food to cover all the meals. By doing this you are wasting less, as you only buy what you need for your meals. You make less trips to the shops, therefore less fuel and you tend to buy in bulk to cover your meals for the week. So always bring a grocery list with you when shopping. Buy reusable containers. An example is sauce bottle. Instead of buying a new bottle of tomato sauce, may


Hard to believe it, but we have moved again...the fourth in six years. You think it should be easy for me, as I have done this house moving malarkey a few times, but to be honest it is still one of the most stressful things to deal with and it is made even worse if you are not organised. I’m sure there are a number of you going through the same thing (I feel for you) or are thinking about it, so I have decided to write down a plan and not just keep it to myself, but post it here so others can use it and avert a disaster. 1. Know your dates What date do you pick up the keys of your new house and what dates do you need to be out of your current house? If you plan ahead, you can set it up so th