How are you feeling now that Christmas and the party season is behind us? I am guessing some of you are a bit weary, trying to think what activities can keep the kids amused while they are on summer break. As we celebrated the New Year you can decide to make some changes today. They don't all have to start today, later on is fine. It is all about making baby steps so that you can stick to it. So instead of telling you have to make dramatic changes in your life, here are a few ideas that you might start considering doing in 2019. 1. Leftovers…what leftovers? Did you know in Australia, we waste approximately $8–10 billion of food is wasted each year. What a lot of food! Growing up in a family

Time for a change ... an earthly passionate change!

Hello everyone, we hope you have been enjoying the holidays and if you are working, that you had a chance to get involved in the festivities. No matter what you have been doing it is time to look at the year ahead and think about the the resolutions you'want to make. You may not want to make resolutions, but you may want to make a few changes in your life. Now you know I have a few suggestions, which mean looking after the earth, but some of my suggestion will also look after you and your health. Here are our suggestions: 1. Change your eating habits Eat organic as much as possible. Eat better quality meat and less of it. Become vegan at least once a week. 2. Plan your meals Cook from scratc