Organising a Green Kitchen - Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean & Green

The kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in any household. It’s where we gather, eat, socialise, and enjoy our time as a family, or with friends. If you spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen, you likely already know the importance of keeping it organised - it simply makes it a more inviting environment, and increases your overall desire to be there. But, if you’re living a green lifestyle, or want to do your part to encourage it, there are several organisational things you can do in your kitchen to make that happen. Let’s take a look at just a few. Grow Your Own Herbs Herbs are relatively easy to grow, and you can do it right in your kitchen! Use mason jars and just a bit of soil, and yo


Society is starting to lean toward an eco-friendly way of life. This is mostly because many people are now understanding how important it is that we make changes, in order for our future to be sustainable, and, simply put - livable! If we want to create a greener tomorrow for the next generation, that starts now. With that in mind, there is no better way to make it happen (and no easier way, for that matter), than to start with the products we buy on a regular basis. Thankfully, being an eco-conscious shopper isn’t as difficult as it might sound. Huge brand names, and small businesses alike are recognizing the demand for better quality products that don’t harm the environment in their manufa


A few years ago, we were lucky enough to have a holiday in Thailand. As we were staying in a more secluded spot, away from the hustle and bustle of the touristy attractions, we got to see how many of the Thai people live in regional areas. Once of the things we noticed was trees lining the roadside and taking over vast areas of land that had taps inserted in them (yes, taps made from bamboo) and a white substance pouring out. We soon learned that this substance was latex rubber. For a long time, I thought rubber could only be made by synthetic means, but I now realise that there two forms: Natural Rubber which is made from a runny, milky white liquid called latex that is found in certain pla


When we bring babies into our lives, we always want what’s best for them in every way. As we become a more environmentally-conscious society, that includes green baby care. Offering our children non-toxic, environmentally-friendly options, can be a great way to feel good about what you’re doing now, and providing them with a green future they can be proud of. There are plenty of ways to make your baby’s life a little bit ‘greener,’ starting with the products you use for them on a daily basis. Clothes Choose clothes that are made from organic materials and textiles, such as organic cotton, or bamboo. These materials don’t use pesticides, which can be harmful not only to your child, but to the


With all the talk about sugar in our diet, a lot of people are looking for other substitutes. One sweetner to consider is molasses, in particular organic unsulphured blackstrap. You may ask why should you use organic, unsulphured blackstrap molasses? Blackstrap molasses is a thick dark syrup. Research has demonstrated the superior nutrition provided by blackstrap versus light or dark molasses. Sugar cane grows deeply into the soil, and because of this it contains many minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Molasses is the syrup that remains after the sugar has been extracted from the juice. Blackstrap is made from the third boiling of the sugar cane, therefore extracting all the goodness fro


There is no getting away from weeds when gardening, but the problem seems to be more when growing plants organically. Unlike chemical herbicides and weed killers, natural eco-friendly alternatives tend to be less aggressive on weeds, but with a little perseverance the weeds can be eliminated from your garden. Here are some tips to help you win the battle with the weeds: Start when they are young Ever tried to pull out weeds that have matured or are fully grown? Things like Thistles, Dandelions and Ragwort can be very tough to remove, often leaving a very strong tap root behind. Also, at this stage most weeds have flowered and set seed. To avoid this happening set aside some time (maybe once


When Spring is in the air, it’s easy to think about getting in shape, and starting a new workout routine. But, we don’t often think about how ‘green’ tips can go along with fitness, even if we try to fit them into other aspects of our lives. Good news it’s actually very easy to live a green fitness lifestyle, and there are plenty of ways you can make an eco-friendly impact, while improving your health. Use Reusable Water Bottles You probably drink a lot of water, no matter what your favourite workout routine is. Instead of buying plastic bottles, invest in a BPA-free, reusable bottle that you can take with you wherever you go, and refill as much as you need it. Then, simply wash it out befor


A few people have asked me some questions about inactivated brewers yeast. They are not really sure what to do with it and how it can help their health. So I thought I should explain why you should use it and how it can be used. Brewer’s yeast is a by-product of the beer industry, absorbing vitamins and nutrients from the other ingredients involved in the brewing process. This means it is a good source of protein and B complex vitamins. These vitamins help break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins which provide the body with energy. Brewer's yeast is a rich source of chromium. Scientists think it may help treat high blood sugar by lowering blood sugar levels, as well improving glucose tole

Eco-Friendly Pets - How to ‘Greenify’ Your Best Friends

Well, what funny weather we have being having? One minute it is sunny, the next it is pouring from the heavens. Our poor dog Lester is getting a bit grumpy with us. You see, he loves his walks and normally we walk him everyday, unless the weather is pretty bad. Actually I love our walks - it is a great time to think, be with the family and out in the fresh air, but we have had some bad days recently which means we are all a bit down in the dumps. Talking about Lester has got me thinking about how we 'Greenify' his life. Let’s face it - pets are a part of the family! There’s a good chance if you have a dog, cat, or even a small animal like a hamster or guinea pig, you want the absolute best f